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The Story of DIamond

Detroit Diamond is a short narrative film that follows Diamond, a young mother struggling with heroin addiction, battles to keep her son out of the hands of the STATE.

Our hope is that we not only told a story that is meaningful  but one that can add to the conversation of addiction and develop an understanding of the issue rather than a settling for a stereotype.



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"Moody" values stories that are people centric and expose stereotypes. He is known for his obsession with immersing himself & his crew into the worlds that they are attempting to recreate. Having a method acting background, you really feel the authenticity of the visual language in his films. 'Detroit Diamond' is a prime example of this mindset and also a beautiful glimpse of his directorial prowess.





M.R. writes. Songs, poems, stories and screenplays. 'Detroit Diamond' mixes the very topical story of addiction with the artistry of an old soul. Throughout the years, Flores and his observations of the social climate have become an obsession. His creativity, which reflected on his experiences as a citizen of the tumbling Midwest, is evident in his work.





Dave believes in the absolute innate value of stories and he believes film is the most fantastic way to tell them. He works to bring as many stories, of all kinds, to as many people as possible. His mindset on every project is simple - create a clear path for a compelling and unique story to be told. Collaborate. Make something worthwhile. 

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Dave is a producer and writer/ director with a passion to tell meaningful, original stories. He started his filmmaking career in Los Angeles before moving to Detroit to work for film production company Woodward Original. A lover of classic cinema and the creative process, he directs and produces commercials and documentaries by day and passion projects like Detroit Diamond by night.

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Tommy has been honing his skills within the feature film industry since 2005 and has been a member of ICG Local 600 since 2011. He's known for his acute eye for detail and ability to blend the aesthetic with the technical. Based in Metro Detroit, Tommy shoots commercial, music video, and narrative projects throughout North America.

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Joe Vinson is a writer/director/producer. A student of “The Second City” in Detroit from an early age, Joe was able to gain skills in Improvisation and being able to think on his feet. He has now shifted his focus to taking those skills of improv experience and infusing it into authentic dialogue for narrative scripts. This is his 3rd short film as an executive producer/creator with Director Hamoody Jaafar.

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LAURA FINLAY - "Diamond"

Laura Finlay is a multidisciplinary artist from Detroit. Raised around theater and music, performance is something that comes very naturally to her. Finlay was inducted as a member of the Thespian Society in high school and after some time, acting had began calling her name again. When she was approached by the director to read for the part, she knew it was a sign. Detroit Diamond is her first short film

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Darlene Strickland was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and now hails from Detroit, Michigan. She is the Director of Triage and Transition for Bedrock Detroit, a multi-faceted real estate development company based in Detroit. Detroit Diamond presents Darlene with her first ever film role, although she has written for, and directed theatre in the past.  She has a great affinity for the raw artistry of classic films.



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